Learn all the details of working with fixture profiles, complex patches for different areas of application, fixture group control, and advanced mapping of effects.

Course Topics

  • Matrix Generator
  • Patch Editor Fixture Editor
  • Working with fixtures and fixture profiles
  • Complex 3D Patches
  • 2D Patches for special objects
  • Tips and tricks
  • Fixture Groups (incl. intensity control)
  • Mapping (Position, Size, Tiling, Fixture Groups)
  • Patches with space inbetween
11.06.2024 at 9:15 AM (UTC+1)

Course Length:
Each of the three courses is a 1-day course (8 hours including breaks and snacks).

Prerequisites And More Information:
Basic knowledge of MADRIX 5 and more advanced knowledge of LED control are required. Attending Course 1 is an advantage and recommended, but not necessarily required.